MyCity - intelligent local business catalog with AR geotagging
Feature-rich mobile and web yellow pages with Augmented Reality and geotagging features
PHP MySQL HTML5/CSS3 Angular Python Objective-C
Web/mobile advertisement solution for local businesses with Augmented reality and geotagging
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MyCity Media AG
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MyCity - intelligent local business catalog with AR geotagging

MyCity media AG is Switzerland-based media company founded in 2013. The company specializes in cross-media SME recommendation marketing for local and regional businesses. MyCity media AG wanted to add web and mobile channels to their portfolio of owned products. As a result of our collaboration, we developed a scalable web and mobile solution with augmented reality as an additional feature.

Case highlights

REST based modularized architecture
Augmented Reality
Geo Tagging
iOS and Android apps
Python based server


At the time of contacting us, MyCity media AG had already worked with another vendor, but they were unhappy with the delivered outcomes and were looking for someone who could do the audit and take over the project.


At Offsiteteam, we analysed the existing code and came back with the fixed price proposal.
Then, we were able to significantly improve architecture and clean the code, making the system much more maintainable. The maintenance cost was reduced five-fold!
Now, MyCity web and mobile apps consist of comprehensive up-to-date information about Swiss municipalities, regulations, local businesses, services, events and weather. With MyCity, end-users can quickly find everything they need in their area, e.g. a restaurant, a doctor, a car repair service or a print shop. The app will show additional information about each place, working hours, contact information and users can plan a route with google maps right in the app.
Mobile app users can also enjoy augmented reality features by turning on their cameras and moving around the area. The info about local companies will appear straight on their screens.
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