We are a fully remote European company with our team members spread around all Europe. Among our locations are Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Poland and Belarus. Our headquarters is located in Prague, Czech Republic.

We are a well-composed team, consisting of professionals with a median of 12 years of experience in software engineering, UX/UI design, 3D modeling, AI and bioinformatics.

We are focused on technology-intensive projects, which require precise business and technical analysis, prototyping and engineering.

Some more reasons to work with us

Mature business processes
Engineering mindsed
Quick turnaround
98%+ project success score
European mentality
Provide solutions, not coding
80%+ repetitive clients
Time zone advantage

Versatile cooperation models to achive your targets on an affordable budget

Fixed Price
Fixed Price
Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team
Support package
Support package

Full-cycle development

We provide the full cycle of custom development: from requrements analysys to solution deployment and maintenance.

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Czech Republic

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