Online academic manuscript submission system
Cloud solution for manuscript submission workflow system and digitalization of publishing business processes
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Academic publishing
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BegellHouse Inc
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Academic Publishing

Online academic manuscript submission system

Case highlights

In-depth analysis of each step of an academic paper production process
Integration with Begell House's existing digital library
Architect a cloud solution and develop the entire manuscript submission system
Solution deployment and ongoing support


At that time, scholarly article submission and peer-review processes were slow while done via directly contacting scientists. BegellHouse wanted to improve their online publishing services by implementing manuscript submission for peer-reviewed journals. BegellHouse already had a digital library in their operations.

However, the manuscript production process was outdated, slow and even unreliable. It required multiple hours and production managers to release a complete paper. Moreover, production managers were storing data locally on hard drives, which led to a disorganized and isolated release process. Another challenge was to design the manuscript submission system and connect it to the existing infrastructure.


While we were developing an online library for Begell House, we had potential future upgrades of the system in our minds. The platform infrastructure was designed to be scalable, so we used these foundations to design and deploy a manuscript submission system.

The solution consists of a complete manuscript management system. Authors can easily submit their research papers electronically. The future publication goes through several steps like peer-reviewing by academic reviewers, copy-editing, author interactions and finished by the production process. It all happens online. Finally, the manuscript can be published in BegellHouse's digital library by one click. From there, global institutions can access the publication by their IP addresses.

We created a complete cloud architecture for storing the manuscript production data. All editorial production managers can access a joint database with an extra layer of protection from data corruption or loss. With this manuscript submission system, BegellHouse has achieved:
  • 2x faster manuscript production
  • significant decrease in costs
  • 3x reduction in FTE
  • secure database storage and access
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