iSchool - a study productivity app
Mobile app development for iOS and Android with localization into 10+ major languages.
Java Objective-C Swift Kotlin
Feature-rich iOS and Android application with localization
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Own product
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iSchool - a study productivity app

A study productivity application for Android and iOS platforms, available in 10+ major languages. It helps students in schools and universities to organize their study process. The application has more than 200K+ downloads.

Case highlights

Full-cycle mobile app development
Mobile app localization
Support on both iOS and Android
Social impact project


One day, our country's school system had removed paper-based school diaries, which our children were using for many years. Unfortunately, the switch was not done in advance, so that parents and children couldn't prepare themselves or find a new alternative to paper diaries.

As parents, we wanted our children to be organized and productive. We had to act quickly to support our youngsters.


iSchool emerged quickly. We started with idea initiation and definition, moved rapidly to design and development, and released the first version in a matter of weeks. In our first release, we presented an application that allows students to manage their study schedules in a digital diary and keep track of homework and grades.

We have received instant positive feedback from users. Students responded that they became more confident and managed their study time efficiently. iSchool became a valuable alternative to paper-based diaries.

We couldn't believe how significant the social impact of our application was. We were carefully listening to our users and adding more functionality to iSchool. The application was always free, as we believe that children deserve the best.

Now, iSchool has turned in a feature-rich study productivity assistant.
Study productivity app

A study assistant application for Android and iOS and available in 10+ major languages. It helps students in schools and universities to organize their study process. 200K+ downloads.

All-in-one place

  • Create a schedule of lessons or lectures and customize it
  • Store names and contacts of teachers or professors
  • Customize notifications and reminders to always be on time
  • Take audio and text notes during the class
  • Photo homework and share with reviewers
  • Download study books and organize own library
  • Track grades and analyze performance during the semester
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