Home security alarm IoT system
Server and Mobile solution for hardware alarm system integrated into IoT ecosystem
MySQL Angular Java MQTT AWS
Integrated Internet of things solution for hosting smart home alarm system
Engagement model
Technology partner
Home security
Engineers 4
DevOps 1
Company name
Security Alarms & Co.
Business activity
Home security systems

Home security alarm IoT system

Security Alarms & Co. is a Switzerland-based company that produces, distributes and installs smart home security solutions. The company was founded in 1989 with the release of an innovative alarm system. The solution allowed to detect intrusion before it happens because it identified infrasonic waves. Since then, Security Alarms & Co. has been an established home security solutions provider with target markets in the European Union.

Case highlights

Requirements analysis for innovative development
Integration for IoT sensors with MQTT
Server infrastructure for IoT ecosystem
Web and mobile application for end-users with home security control dashboards


The company had redesigned its business strategy in 2015 to focus even more on innovations. At this time, Security Alarms & Co. was a small-sized team of individuals looking to revolutionize the home security industry. After company re-structuration, Security Alarms & Co. lacked IT department capacity. It was challenging to find a proper technology partner as Security Alarms & Co. management required an in-depth understanding of the IoT ecosystem and development practices.


Fortunately, at Offsiteteam we had in place all required expertise. As the project was technology-intensive and the end-goal was unclear, we took measures to maximize the success rate. In particular, we carefully gathered Security Alarms & Co.'s innovative ideas and prepared projec requirements. As a technology partner for Security Alarms & Co., we conducted additional research in the IoT domain and applied findings to the project.

These efforts turned into the release of a smart home security solutions named ARHUB. It represents the IoT ecosystem, which connects sensors in home security via MQTT protocol. We configured server infrastructure and prepared operator dashboards. To make the solution user-friendly, we developed a mobile application and web interface where customers can easily access their security system and control the status.


N. Lopareva
Security Alarms & Co., CEO
"Working with Offsiteteam was a great success for us. They helped us to build an innovative solution and brought much of their in-depth technical expertice to our team. We highly appreciate Offsiteteam as our technology parther."
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