3D Visualization and scientific drawing
Make complex scientific concepts easy to understand
Create a 3D visualization based on old-fashion 2D drawings
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Academic publishing
3D artists 3
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BegelHouse Inc
United States
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Academic publishing

3D Visualization and scientific drawing

BegellHouse is a worldwide academic publisher of peer-reviewed journals and scientific publications. The company was established in 1991 as a source for scholarly articles. We have already delivered several solutions to the customer: an online library, a manuscript submission system and a mobile application.

Case highlights

3D Visualization of 2D scientific blueprints
Creation of interactive 3D models


We started with a 15-year old scientific encyclopedia with old fashion illustrations which were hard to grasp. The company wanted to redesign these scientific blueprints so that they would become easier to digest for students and researchers.


We transformed lots of 2D images into 3D drawings. We created interactive 3D models where researchers can split the whole item into small parts to explore more details. For example, the 3D model of a heat exchanger shows the flows of warm and cold air and the whole item can be split into smaller parts. These 3D models are included now in a digital encyclopedia of BegellHouse and help students and researchers to understand complex concepts more easily.
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