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Research projects, startups, university spin-offs

If you are a university spin-off, or you are a PI and need to expose your computational method to a wider audience via a web-interface, REST API or desktop application, we are here to help you.

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Our services

We help with the industrialization of scientific research and findings by covering the whole project scope. We can develop a custom web application, create scientific software and scientific pipelines and run those on HPC servers.
Our UX/UI designers help you to prototype your product and visualize the end product. If needed, we also consult you on an appropriate AI or ML solution to enhance your project.

Proven track record

Our main advantage is that we combine a deep understanding of science which came from university experience with a 15 years of software engineering, so we understand both fields.
NGS Bioinformatics pipelines
NGS Bioinformatics pipelines
Time Series analysis and visualization
Time Series analysis and visualization
Scientific databases
Scientific databases
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