Online library for academic publishing
Online academic papers database for library subscription and individual access
PHP MySQL HTML5/CSS3 Perl Angular
Integrated Digital library with Shibboleth, Open Athens and Counter Reports
Engagement model
Technology partner
Academic publishing
Engineers 5
DevOps 1
Typesetters 8
Company name
Begell House inc.
United States
Business activity
Academic publishing

Online library for academic publishing

Begell House is a worldwide academic publisher of peer- reviewed journals and scientific publications. The company was established in 1991 as a source for scholarly articles. In the early 2000s, the Internet started to spread massively across the world. Begell House saw this as an opportunity to catch up on technology and digitalize their academic publications.

Here's how we became a technology partner for Begell House and helped them to secure their digital presence.

Case highlights

Development of digital library from scratch
Complete end-to-end server and hosting infrastructure
Ongoing maintenance & support


BegellHouse management wanted to gain momentum and be ahead of the competition. A few main competitors started developing digital libraries. BegellHouse didn't have enough expertise and capacity to do the same. The decision was made to find a technology partner who will actively participate and drive the complete cycle from idea to solution deployment.

That partner became Offsiteteam...


We developed a server framework which became a fundamental component of the BegellHouse online library. As BegellHouse lacked strong IT expertise, we carefully collected executives' ideas and turned these into technical roadmaps. BegellHouse management recognized our efforts and gave us almost full control over their IT operations. We took care of project management, prepared solution architecture, prepared UI/UX and developed the web application. Indeed, we completed the cycle of QA to make sure that the system is robust, scalable and fast.

Since then, we became a long-term technology partner for BegellHouse. We continuously modernize the online library infrastructure and support IT operations.


Y. Shafeeva
"Offsiteteam became a digital transformation leader for us. In the early 2000s, we could be out of business without digitizing our offline publishing business. Offsiteteam became a digital transformation leader for us and developed the entire online ecosystem for academic and scientific publishing. Since then, we trust Offsiteteam to deliver complex custom IT solutions for our needs."
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