Fish feeding IoT LoRa hardware and software platform
Server and mobile software IoT solution for hardware fish feeding platform
Java MQTT LoRa Kotlin
Low energy automated fish feeding platform controlled via mobile app
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Fish feeding IoT LoRa hardware and software platform

Due to the growing earth population, food production has become a global issue. The ocean is a large potential source of biomass and will most likely become an important source of food. With that idea in mind, Feeder (a Finland based startup) was founded in 2019 with a goal to develop a new era fish feeding platform. Feeder is a hardware-software solution to optimize the feed consumption, save on feeding, provide long range control of a feeding platform and do it affordably for low income counties.

Case highlights

Implementing low energy remote control of fish feeding platform via LoRa interface
Mobile Kotlin app on Android platform
Intermediate Java server with feeding control block
LoRa network server setup


The client got EU funding, teamed up with hardware engineers who designed the feeder box metal parts with embedded ESP32 micro-controller and came to Offsiteteam with a request to fully design the software part of the system. The main challenge was to organize long distance control of the platform, when it is not guaranteed that the message reaches the platform in time.


Offsiteteam created a Java server application which connects the LoRa hub with a mobile controlling application through MQTT and REST, developed a special protocol of sending messages without receiving receipts, as well as an adaptive feeding algorithm which considers previous feeding and helps to save on fish foods. The full setup of a LoRa IoT infrastructure was also a challenging task.
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