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The creation of graphically rich UIs can be quite a challenge for a developer. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) can become a solution, since its concept of re-usable XAML definitions helps provide almost endless flexibility. To customize and adapt the displayed data, a WPF developer can simply tweak the existing template, instead of re-drawing a control from scratch.

The team of skilled WPF developers at Offsiteteam can help your company accelerate time-to-market and increase return on investment adopting WPF across your software products. With 10+ years of .NET experience (starting from .NET 1.0), the team has a proven track record in .NET Framework 3.5/4.0 development, including C# (C-Sharp), WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), WinForms, LINQ, ASP.NET, MS SharePoint (MOSS), Silverlight, and other Microsoft technologies. This also included architecture development, continuous integration, performance QA, profiling, etc.

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