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We have many satisfied clients, ranging from small start-ups to medium and large firms including Begell House Publisher, EAC, Meetrics GMBH and other. We are proud to say that our customer retention rate is 100%.

We have successfully completed hundreds of bespoke developments for our clients and continue to manage, upgrade and support almost all of the systems that we have built in excellent long-term relationships with our clients.

The list below features some of the major customers along with the featured projects that were implemented.

Begell House is an academic publisher of medical and scientific journals and books, with a concentration on engineering and biomedical sciences. It is also produces eBooks and digital articles via "Begell Digital Library" and "Thermopedia" It is a privately owned one of the Begell House products.
Since 2008 Meetrics provides cutting edge solutions to master online marketing across all channels, creating a transparent and a more efficient digital eco-system. The key areas Meetrics focuses on are: Viewability, Fraud Prevention, Brand Safety and Audience Verification.
Als in der Flughafenregion Zürich ansässiges eigenständiges Medienunternehmen hat sich mycity media ag auf crossmediale Kommunikationsdienstleistungen für Gewerbe und Verwaltung spezialisiert.