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We are agile

At Offsiteteam we embrace Agile's flexible, and thereby manageable, methodologies for every project and business environment.

Agile methods grew out of the real-life project experiences of leading software professionals who had experienced the challenges and limitations of traditional Waterfall model on various projects. By delivering working, tested, deployable software on an incremental basis, Agile methodology delivers increased value, visibility and adaptability much earlier in the lifecycle, significantly reducing project risk.

Let's pretend you are the customer. What would give you confidence that the team you hired was actually delivering? A pile of documentation, plans, and reports? Or the regular delivery of working, tested software made up of your most important features each and every week?

Our Agile team is working openly and honestly with our customers from the start: telling it like it is and letting our customers make informed decisions about scope, money, and dates.

The engine for getting stuff done on an Agile project is the iteration: a one- to two-week period where we take our customers' most important stories and transform them into running, tested software.

The benefits of Agile methodology:

Agile effectively manages requirements and focuses on generating value for the customer by reducing irrelevant elements. The involvement of the customer is of paramount importance to achieve this goal.